Let’s go back to July

When I was doing Gish, which is a scavenger hunt for people from all around the world in teams, I came across an assignment which said, overcome a fear. As I was thinking about it, I knew I had one fear, sending gifts. And you may think, why?

Imagine you being in my shoes, would you do it? 

So after thinking, doubting, talking to my team several times, I knew I wasn’t just gonna do it without an opinion from someone a little closer to her. So I asked Angel. Why? I felt like she could help me the best way with giving me the best honest opinion on it. 

When she said it was a good idea, I went with it. And all in. Asking fans if they wanted to be part of it, part of the gift. They became part of it. With each one having an opinion on what they loved and don’t love and what they think fits best, each and everyone’s opinion mattered. 

So the first gifts were ordered in July. It came very very fast. Your Surprise has an excellent service. 

But as times went by.. my mom and I went passed a shop here in the Netherlands and we came across the other gifts. Oh my, so cute, I actually just wanted to buy everything. So many cute and adorable items, so soft. Too much cuteness. My tweets at the time were vague because I was mentioning the cuteness of it. One pair of socks had rubber underneath. Which will help make sure the baby doesn’t slip. The other socks are just for when the baby is tiny.

Then as I had these gifts I kept thinking and telling my mom, Jip, and Janneke, would that be a sweet gift? It’s a personal gift for sure, but will it do, my mom said sure, so I ordered the book, English version of course. A sweet sweet book for her to read with her boys.

The most important gift was, the fanbook, handmade, including a joke, yes, it has a joke in it, with fan pages of Outlander and Stl Cardinals for her inside. Disclaimer, I have no idea who the players were that I printed… hopefully, some she likes. And personal drawings and those I send her sometime last year included inside the gift. Making the fanbook personal too. 

Every letter was a short story of what fans love. A story of how they found her, what makes them love her, what an impact she can have. It’s amazing. And I loved reading it all.

Thank you to all the fans who send in messages for the fanbook. It means the world to me that you guys send them in. 


Link to all the letters:

Gift from your fans

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