What is the reason behind this fansite?

After being a fan for so long since 2007 and wanting to do something to show more of the talents of how amazing Annie truly is, I decided it was time I created a fansite. I followed Annie since her days on 24. My dad and I used to watch the show every single day and I always smiled as soon as I saw Annie on my screen.

Annie is my inspiration and has been for a very very long time. I just never had the courage to launch my website. Maybe fear, maybe just scared. But something within me told me that this time I just have to do this. I even found the courage to send her a message… ( something I never imagined myself doing )

Annie makes people laugh and what makes it even more special to look at her is she is one of those actors what when you look into her eyes you just know what she is trying to tell. What her characters feel that’s in my opinion the power behind Annie.


This fansite is created for you Annie and has the purpose to serve as a place for fans to come to,  to leave a message or find information they need or were looking for. To see some of your old work and get to know more.

I hope in the deepest of my heart that this website can be of help and can somehow put a smile on your face each time you see this fansite pass by.


We love you Annie!





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