New Promo images released for episode 7 of season 2 of Timeless episode Mrs. Sherlock Holmes

TIMELESS — “Mrs. Sherlock Holms” Episode 207 — Pictured: Annie Wersching as Emma Whitmore — (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)


Two promo pics of Annie were added. The episode premiers coming Sunday at 10/9 c on NBC!


I can’t! I just can’t stop laughing! This is too funny! Before I did my graphic design at Uni I also did Bakery for 2 years. And nursing for kids even before that and I’m just, I can’t. This is just so hilarious! Watch the video and you will see why!


Thanks SyfyWire!


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Yes, Timeless is back! And here is a scene from the episode!


I also wrote a review on the episode from my perspective and I may of mentioned Annie’s acting a couple of times! Because what is she good at this role! Incredible!

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Now there was also a syfy interview released with Annie.



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Two new photoshoot photos were released by ResidentDigital on Instagram. I love them!


On Runaways, Annie Wersching is a star on the rise. Here Resident Magazine speaks to this talented and spirited actress about what it was like to play Kiefer Sutherland’s love interest on 24, her current projects, and how she balances a successful career and a family life in Hollywood. This March be sure to catch Annie in the second season premiere of Timeless on NBC.


RM: What are some of your current projects?
We just finished the Marvel series Runaways which is airing now, we are seven episodes in out of ten. I’m currently working on season 2 of NBC’s TV show Timeless and then more time traveling after the holidays.


Runaways is a reimagining of what we are used to seeing in Marvel’s shows. It has a younger audience with a young kid drama but still retains the superhero action of Marvel with a great dynamic between the children and parents, so it’s fun to be starring in a new version of a Marvel show. I play Leslie Dean who dresses all in white and is head of a really powerful church in Los Angeles, a little like Scientology but different. She’s got a lot going on with her daughter Karolina but she’s also the leader of Pride and now she’s trying to balance Jonah and Frank in her life with Frank finding out about her relationship with Jonah. She’s also the only one who can hold the group together so she has to work on a few relationships within Pride, but she’s very good at that.


Timeless is exciting because we got canceled and then 3 days later we got picked up again. My character Emma is more involved than last year but is definitely a bad guy. I’m excited to see her character fleshed out and to see it finally air. Emma Whitmore is a very mysterious character, and I’m as much in the dark until the scripts come out. I have heard that she is going to have a backstory episode to see a little more about her past before they found her in the 1800s so we will get to go back to that time period she made an appearance from in season 1. She thinks things are supposed to be done a certain way and she does not approve of Lucy being in the picture and doesn’t trust her. She’s stirring up trouble.


Photos: Djeneba Aduayom –


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The first promo stills with Annie as Emma Whitmore are here! Check this out!

Can’t wait to see Timeless! Can’t wait to see what Emma is up to this season!

Yes yes yes, I wanted to create a video for the show. I’ve been thinking to myself for a while on what kind of video I could do with this song and over time it got me thinking, I want to do one with her characters. Never had I imagined it would be a video with Leslie as my original plan was to do Renee / Emma / Lily. I may still do it because here’s the fun part. The song also has a slow version which they usually perform live on stage which would fit with the characters as well.

Save myself for me is an old old song from way back when. It’s because the song has this, special place within my heart. It’s about many things in one simple song and I knew it would fit perfectly with Leslie as a character.

The video does contain spoilers of Marvel’s Runaways.

And I guess Annie liked it..


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